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Understanding Pinterest's new MikeLike button & private boards @ http://pin-n-tell.com

You might have noticed a new button showing up when you browse pins on Pinterest. It says “Pin to MikeLike”

Understanding Pinterest's new MikeLike button & private boards @ http://www.pin-n-tell.com

You see, Pinterest has not come out with private boards just yet (although they are working on it). The solution for now is MikeLike.

From MikeLike:

Finally! Private Boards For Pinterest Users

Pinterest no longer needs any introduction. Pinterest has soared in popularity over the past six months and is now one of the world’s largest social networks. People love the ability to quickly pin/collect things they like, plus the ability to share their discoveries with others.

One feature that has been missing until now is the ability to create private boards – boards that can be seen only by their owners. Pinterest still doesn’t have this feature, but now, using the MikeLike Button, you can continue pinning to Pinterest and ALSO pin to private boards on MikeLike. The MikeLike Button (see below) operates very similarly to the Pinterest “Pin It” button but also:

  • can pin to multiple services (Pinterest, MikeLike, Tumblr)
  • can pin background images
  • additional features like URL shortening, site search, language translations, and more.

Using the MikeLike Button, you can do everything you were doing before, plus a lot more.

For more details you can visit MikeLike here: http://www.mikelike.com/ml/pinterest_private_boards/


Understanding Pinterest's new MikeLike button for private boards @ http://www.pin-n-tell.com

Seems like an ok solution for now. I do like the fact that you can pin to multiple places like Tumblr and Pinterest.

It was super easy to sign up. I just clicked “Like on MikeLike” and signed up using my Twitter account. Once at MikeLike, you will notice it is set up almost exactly like Pinterest.

Google chrome has also updated the “Pin It Button” extension to add “Pin to MikeLike.” This makes pinning things to your new private board even easier.

Personally, I would much rather have all my boards on one site- Pinterest- but until that happens, it is nice to have a solution for those pins I’d like to keep private.

What do you think? Anyone using MikeLike?


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  • candice

    That’s cool! 

  • Greta

    Interesting.  I might have to try this out

  • Barry Mosher
  • Dentistmel

    Very cool… I need to get on pin interest!

    • pinntell

      Yes you do!  It is so much fun :)  Let me know if you need an invite!

  • http://twitter.com/lkg4sweetspot Paula Danner

    Interesting.  I don’t, however, see that on my pins on pinterest, yet.  But, good info to know!

    • pinntell

      I honestly am not sure how, but it showed up on my Pinterest the other day.  MikeLike says that you have to click on their button and that it “modifies the Pinterest webpage to add a new button when you hover over pins.” However, I never did this.  I *think* it may have had to do with the Chrome extension I was using, but who knows?  Figured I would look into it in case anyone else had the same thing happen to their Pinterest account.

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  • Earth Body

    Great post. But OH CRAP! Just when I thought I had the reins! Another time-thief-spiderweb?  http://www.earth2body.net

    • pinntell

      I know! Pinterest does suck you in! One of the reasons I started this site was to make myself accountable to actually DO the projects I pin. LOL!

  • ddaughe2

    Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr….I don’t want to join another social media just to make my Pinterest experience better.  I’ll wait for Pinterest to come out with private boards.

    • pinntell

      I agree.  It is a good option I guess for people who need private boards right now, but I am waiting for Pinterest’s private boards to come out too!

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  • Drhenninger

    I don’t like or want the mike like button. it blocks the full pic that i am looking at. i don’t want to have to enlarge all pics, just to see them whole. how do you get rid of mike like ????

  • http://tim.theenchanter.com Tim Harper

    Yeah… what’s up with Mikelike? They disappeared from the internets. Lost all of my wife’s boards. Sadness was the only thing to fill the void.