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Have you ever tried to get a wiggly baby out of the bath tub? What might seem like a simple task can quickly get scary with a squirmy and slippery baby!

I was so excited to get a chance to try ClevaMama’s Splash & Wrap Bath Towel for our little guy. We have been using it for a few weeks for our 2 month old as well as for our 3 year old and it is great! I love that it is big enough for our 3 year old to wrap himself up in as well as how easy it is to wear and wrap around our little baby. So many of the baby towels out there are just way to small to really be of any use. ClevaMama’s towel is extra-large and 100% cotton, which I love.

The ClevaMama towel is designed to fasten around your neck like an apron to give you two free hands to lift your baby safely out of the bath. It just snaps together around your neck so it is super easy to get on and off. I also love that it has a hood to keep baby warm right out of the bath.

Because the towel is made of super soft cotton, be careful the first time you wash it. In my case, I was just so excited to use it, I didn’t read any of the washing instructions and just threw it in the wash with my clothes. It ended up shedding a bit and got all over everything. I probably should have washed it with my other towels instead of my delicates. LOL!

I love all of ClevaMama’s products that I have tried… and there are so many more that are on my wish list!

We use their Pacifier Tree nearly every day. It is compact, and uses the microwave for a fast and a simple way to sterilise and store pacifiers. I know that little guy’s pacis are clean and I always know right where to find them.ClevaMama Pacifier Tree

They also have their ClevaFeed which is a super smart early feeding device. You know those mesh feeders that you put bananas and other soft foods in for when baby is first learning to eat? Well, the ClevaFeed takes it one step up and uses silicone so it is hygienic and easy to clean! I absolutely hate cleaning out the mesh feeders so I am super excited about the ClevaFeed. I cannot wait until we can use it!

Clevamama - ClevaFeed

As you can see, I am a HUGE fan of ClevaMama! If you are pregnant or have little ones, you should check out their entire product line on their website or Amazon. Their prices are great and you can even get free Prime shipping on Amazon. The best thing is that you will be supporting a business and products designed by a mom for moms ;)

Because they are so sweet, ClevaMama sent me an extra Splash & Wrap Bath Towel to share with Pin-n-Tell’s readers! Just enter using the Rafflecopter below.

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