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Today’s Guest Author is Stephanie.

About Stephanie: I’m a graduate student who will be graduating and getting married in May! :) I love Pinterest and making Pin-tastrophes & some Pin-worthy projects.

You can find Stephanie on Pinterest at

I might possibly be the most frugal soon to be bride in the entire country. With the help of Pinterest I’ve discovered a new world of things that I want to create for our beautiful wedding. The only challenge is actually creating it.

Below is a picture of a decoration that I tried to make out of tissue paper. Words cannot express how much I laughed seeing it in person.

I hope this gives any Pinner inspiration to just go out there and make whatever you want. Some may not turn out perfect, but who doesn’t like a little imperfection in life? ;)

#Wedding Flower Pin-tastrophe

Nailed it! :)

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