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Today’s Guest Author is Tori from We Keep Choosing Us

About Tori: Daughter of God, wife, homeschooling Mama of 5, Lilla Rose Consultant, Young Living Distributor, Tower Gardens Distributor, TRUTH seeker and speaker. I am love.

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Yoga & Meditation: Prosperity

In my life, realizations have come with increasing speed and clarity as I get older.  However, most of them have also come with tumultuous emotional and mental readjustment.  One would think that is to be expected, however, given my more recent experiences, I now know this is not the case.

You see, things in me have been changing seamlessly and smoothly with increasing consistency as I continue to meditate using Kundalini Yoga daily.  I still struggle with many things that have been part of my journey for as long as I can remember.  The thing that’s different is how I feel when I realize a change.  I don’t feel like my whole world is falling apart.  I just sort of “realize” the new thing and feel grateful for it.

Just recently I shared about some experiences pertaining to prosperity and this seamless changing.  It’s just awesome to realize that money really is coming more easily into my world because I’ve come to accept it and that the domain of HOW the money comes is God’s!

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I am Tori. Daughter of God, homeschooling Mother of 5 hoping for more blessings to raise, considered weird by man, and just starting to learn that I really love myself weirdness and all!

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