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About Samantha: A teen who blogs about her passions; everything from homeschool to politics to frugality to WWII.

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How to Go Big On Pinterest

Want to go viral on Pinterest?  Check out these great tips

Going viral on Pinterest requires good ideas, unique content, great images, and lots of luck.

Firstly, I’ve been blogging for less than a year. Since the end of July 2013, when I first started tracking my Pinterest analytics, I have gotten an average of 200+ repins on my blog daily. That means my blog has been repinned well over 60,000+ times.

Very, very rarely will your blog go really viral. Like, one million views in one weekend viral. However, I read “viral” means receiving 5 times your average views, and so with that definition in mind, I’ve went viral once, but have had many other short “bursts”, where my traffic swells about 200-300%. At the time, the only social media I was using was Pinterest. That proved with Pinterest, you can go viral pretty quickly. Here are some things I have learned over the past months.

Learn the rules, then break them.

Listen to other bloggers’ advice. But, don’t let other bloggers tell you what to do. I’ve heard “have specific boards” but nothing drives me more nuts than 10 social media boards with 2 or 3 pins each. In my non-professional opinion, only have boards if you like them. Don’t pin content because you feel you have to or because the rules say to, pin them because you want to.


1. Get your profile looking nice.
Verify your website, add your Facebook and Twitter. Add a nice profile picture and description. Make yourself look professional, but personable.

2. Set up a Pin-It button on your website.
With WordPress, this can easily be done with a Plug-In.

3. Watermark all of your images.
Put your website URL somewhere on all of your images.

4. Don’t use random pictures you find off the Internet for your site.
Make sure they are in the public domain, use your own, or buy them. DO NOT use random pictures you find off Google.

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