Giveaway Form Showdown- Vote & #Win $10

There has been much debate in blogging circles over which giveaway form is the best. I have used them all at one point and have narrowed it down to my top 3 favorite forms… Rafflecopter, Giveaway Tools and Promo Simple. What I want to know is- What form works best for you, my readers?

In order to find out, I am doing a little experiment. I have posted 3 giveaways and used a different giveaway form in each of them. I would love it if you would take some time, enter the giveaways and then let me know your thoughts. And just to make it fun, I am giving away $10 PayPal CASH for one reader!

To to qualify, just do these simple steps:

Step 1

Enter these giveaways:  (Rafflecopter)  (Giveaway Tools)  (Promo Simple)

Step 2:

Leave a comment letting me know:

  1. Did you enter all three giveaways?
  2. Which giveaway form do you prefer?
  3. Is there any giveaway form that would make you NOT enter a giveaway?


The winner will be randomly chosen on 10/21/2013 at midnight ;)

Thanks everyone!!!!


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