The Beginners Guide to Baby Led Weaning.  What it is... how to's and recipes!


First of all, what is Baby Led Weaning?  Basically it is just a fancy term for starting your little one off with real food instead of purees and baby cereal.  Skipping the runny purees and jumping right into table foods gives your baby fresh, nutritious food and teaches them to eat on their own.  Baby Led Weaning is messy, but worth the bit of extra clean up.

We love this method of introducing solids because it is easy and introduces such a variety of tastes and textures.  Our kiddos eat what we are eating and it has made them into less picky eaters.

It is important to make sure that the food you are offering your little one is age appropriate and manageable.  Bananas, avocados and steamed carrots are great starter foods because babies can easily pick them up and gnaw on them.  For foods that need to be cut up a bit, I always use my BiteSizers Mealtime Scissors.  They make it easy and fast (Want some?  You can WIN some here).

If you are thinking about BLW, check out these great resources from Pinterest.  Here are some of our favorite food ideas, tips and tricks…

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