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You’ve Been Egged!

I don’t have a picture as you will see, but we tried a Pinterest project just this morning. It was very nearly a Pin-trastophe!

I have an Easter project posted on my Easter board “You’ve Been Egged”.

My boys were SO excited to do it! We bought 100 eggs, stuffed them with candy and printed the free printable that said “You’ve Been Egged.” They woke up at 5am this morning to go “Egg” our neighbors. So, at dark-thirty, my two oldest boys and I were in our jammies putting Easter Eggs all over our neighbor’s yard. We taped the sign to their door and ran home…and back to bed!

My husband called me this morning as he left the house to tell me that our plan backfired, as their lawn service was there picking up ALL THE EGGS! I immediately texted my neighbor to tell her our Easter Surprise was tainted, but she said that her husband saw what was happening, halted the workers and ran to get his girls to show them. Pin-tatrophe averted! They saw at least PART of it and LOVED it.

This was SO much fun for us and for them to receive. GREAT idea! :)

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