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My DIY Cars Room Makeover

My DIY Cars Room Makeover (via www.cmongetcrafty.com)

This post came from blood, sweat, and tears. Well, ok, not exactly.  But I swear I nearly bled, I definitely sweat, and while I don’t think there were tears, there were DEFINITELY swears. As you may know, we recently relocated back to Chicago after…

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{Easy} Egg Nog Cinnamon Roll Bake

If you love cinnamon rolls, egg nog and french toast, then you will LOVE this recipe.  We were looking for a fun holiday breakfast and came across a few recipes on Pinterest that gave us the pin-spiration that we needed to create this yummy concoction.  Our Egg Nog Cinnamon Roll Bake is super easy toContinue Reading

Thanksgiving Porch Decorations- {easy} Fall Leaf Garland

We just built a new front porch and I was excited to decorate it this year. I enlisted kiddo’s help and we had a great time making some fun decorations and adding some fall color to the porch. This Fall Leaf Garland project was so easy and took about 5 minutes. We used the sameContinue Reading

Fall-ing into pumpkin….

It’s fall and with fall comes pumpkin…pumpkin EVERYTHING!!! Now I’m a girl who loves fall, and I like pumpkin, but to be honest I don’t need pumpkin added to all my food.  I do like to know when it’s worth doing a pumpkin recipe though.  Here’s my latest try, pumpkin waffles, from this pin: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/282460207852732547/ NowContinue Reading

Caramel Apple Pin-Win

Today’s Guest Author is Allie. About Allie: I am a Bible-believing Christian, wife, and mom of two. You can find Allie on Pinterest at http://www.pinterest.com/allie8302/   Caramel Apple Bites Pin-Win! I saw this pin for caramel apple bites a few weeks ago, and they looked so fun and festive I knew I needed to try them! TheyContinue Reading

DIY Colorful Abstract Word Art

Make It Monday | DIY Colorful Abstract Word Art (via http://www.eastvalleymomsblog.com) Bright, bold colors are IN…….just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years! Hot pink, cobalt blue, coral and turquoise haveall had their turn in the spotlight. Emerald green, one of my favorites, was named Pantones color… Pin-n-Tell GuestContinue Reading

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