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My DIY Cars Room Makeover

My DIY Cars Room Makeover (via www.cmongetcrafty.com)

This post came from blood, sweat, and tears. Well, ok, not exactly.  But I swear I nearly bled, I definitely sweat, and while I don’t think there were tears, there were DEFINITELY swears. As you may know, we recently relocated back to Chicago after…

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Thanksgiving Leaf Wreath

I found this super easy pin for making a leaf wreath out of a paper plate and figured it would be a fun project to do with kiddo while little brother was down for his nap. Kiddo loved glueing all of the leaves on the wreath, although it took a little convincing to get himContinue Reading

BubbleBum Car Seat {Giveaway}

Kiddo just started pre-school.  It’s crazy, I feel like he was just a baby and now he is carrying around a backpack and learning how to read! And with pre-school comes carpooling.  There are many days that I will drop him off at school, but then Daddy needs to pick him up.  It is costContinue Reading

Rice Fun With Kids: Did it work?

Let’s face it, as a mom on Pinterest we’re constantly bombarded with pins that promise to educate and entertain our kids.  Often I try them, when I’m not busy cleaning, running errands, cleaning up puke (I have a infant as well as a 4, and almost 3 yr. old) and refereeing anything and everything!  IContinue Reading

Super Squishy Playdough

Need something fun to do with the kids this weekend? I just tried an amazing playdough recipe I found on Pinterest! This stuff is super smooth and squishy. We haven’t stopped playing with it! ***UPDATE*** I made this over 4 months ago and it is still soft! Crazy, right? This is the BEST recipe ever!Continue Reading

Kair Bath Visor {Giveaway}

Bath time has ended in tears too many times at our house.  Both of my boys absolutely hate to get their hair washed because they cannot stand water getting in their eyes.  We have tried everything from tear-free shampoo (yeah right) to special rinsing cups to bath caps.  Nothing has worked until we found theContinue Reading

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