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Dying Easter Eggs with Silk Ties

dye easter eggs with silk ties!

Dying Easter Eggs with Silk Ties

With every holiday, there comes traditions. And, Easter is no exception in our household. From attending Church Service, to Family Dinner, filling Easter Baskets and even Easter Egg hunts! Speaking of Easter Eggs, I like to put a spin on dying them each year. It is always nice to try something different. This year, I will be dying our Easter Eggs with Silk Ties. Yes, you heard me right… SILK TIES!

Our Easter eggs should be quite lovely this year. The print of pure silk ties will leave an impression onto the hard-boiled egg shell. Cool, right? Silk ties can be quite pricey, but there is no need to buy them brand new. Head out to your local Goodwill, Salvation Army or any local Thrift Store. I like to visit the local thrift shop on % off days. Most thrift stores have special days where they offer a certain percent off all or some of the items in the store. Did you know that? We at Hobbee Hive love to be frugal, too!

Finding silk ties at the thrift store

As I ventured out, I was surprised to find 100% silk ties at my local Goodwill. It is important to find 100% silk ties so that the pattern on the tie will fully be transferred to the egg shell. I found a whole rack of ties ready to be searched (see above)! And, I found lots of 100% silk ties to purchase for my project. Check out the patterns:

Silk ties


I also found what appeared to be a silk scarf (pictured at the bottom of the above picture), but there was no tag on it, so it’s material consistency is unknown. I grabbed this just in case it is silk because it is a bit tedious to take the ties apart. If you can find a 100% silk scarf or shirt, they would be your best bet for this project! But, if this scarf I found is not 100% silk, it will not be a loss. Because, it will show you the difference between selecting an item that is 100% silk, and one that is not, and their corresponding outcomes of the pattern on the egg shells. Here are my selections up close so that you can see the patterns in detail:

Selection of patterned silk ties

You need very few supplies to complete this project:

  • 6 – 100% Silk Ties (1 tie for 2 eggs, depending on the size of tie you select. Keep in mind the ration of egg size to tie size!)
  • 1 dozen eggs
  • Large Pot
  • Scissors
  • 12 – Rubber Bands
  • 1/4c White Vinegar
  • Water
  • The inner white layers of the ties (If your tie’s inners is not white you will need an old pillow case or sheet to cut into squares, to act as a barrier for the “bleeding” silk pattern).


One of the most important things to keep in mind as you select your ties, is that they are colorful and busy.  The richer the colors, the better the pattern on your Easter eggs!  I looked for those loud ties found in the 60′s and 70′s.  You know what I’m talking about!  You maybe even able to raid your husband’s, father’s or grandfather’s closet for this project!



  1. Cut the tie so that it unfolds.  You do not need it’s back-stripping.  Also, don’t forget to remove the label!
  2. Cut the tie’s white “filler”/inner material (or, other white material)that into squares large enough to fit around the silk covered egg.
  3. Cut the tie material into two squares.
  4. Tightly form the square around your egg.
  5. Take the white “filler” from the tie and wrap that around the egg (or your white material).
  6. Secure the taught layered material with a rubber band (or twist tie)
  7. Boil a large pot of water
  8. Add 1/4c White Vinegar.
  9. Place eggs into boiling water/vinegar mixture and boil for 20 mintues.
  10. Allow Eggs to cool.
  11. Unwrap each egg.
  12. Surprise!  Check out the colorful patterned eggs!

The Processprocess

If you are wondering whether or not the “silk” scarf I found was actually silk… it was not! As you can see in the above picture the two white eggs! If your material is not all silk/100% silk, the pattern will not transfer to the egg’s shell. But, you will have another yummy hard-boiled egg!

Silk provides an interesting spin to the traditional dying of Easter Eggs.  Do you have an interesting way to dye your eggs? I would love to hear! Also, be sure to let me know if you tried this method.  Feedback is always welcomed :)


This post is from Dawn’s former site: Hobbeehive.com!



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