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How-to: Papier Mache Easter Eggs

How-to: Papier Mache Easter Eggs (via http://craftingagreenworld.com)

Ditch plastic Easter eggs entirely! These papier mache Easter eggs are just as fun to hide and find, and they have just as much room for treats inside. The bonus to papier mache Easter eggs over plastic eggs, however, is that they’re made from recycled…

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Thrift Store Creation

  Thrift Store Creation Today’s Guest Author is Jennifer from Lovely Little Fawn About Jennifer: “I am a 24 year old wife, mother, and blogger. I can’t get enough of rustic everything. I love a good wedding design and organization tip.” You can find Jennifer on Pinterest at http://www.pinterest.com/jenngriffin08/   After visiting multiple thrift stores awhile back IContinue Reading

Valentine’s Coupons Booklets {printable}

Today’s Guest Author is Lauren from I am That Lady! About Lauren: I am a busy mother of 3 with another baby on the way! My goal here is to help you save money in all areas of your life You can find Lauren on Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/iatllauren/   Valentine’s Day is a day to show your loves onesContinue Reading

Cross Stitch: Cupid’s Arrow

Today’s Guest Author is Danielle from StoryPiece About Danielle: Life Is Breathtaking Even When It’s Messy. This Is Where I Curate All That I Find Beautiful And Inspiring. You can find Danielle on Pinterest at http://www.pinterest.com/storypiece/ My favorite trend this Valentine’s season is the Arrow.  In honor of this sharp arrow trend, I’ve come up with anotherContinue Reading

My DIY Cars Room Makeover

This post came from blood, sweat, and tears. Well, ok, not exactly.  But I swear I nearly bled, I definitely sweat, and while I don’t think there were tears, there were DEFINITELY swears. As you may know, we recently relocated back to Chicago after…Continue Reading

DIY Fun Halloween Snap Shots

One of the things I love most about Halloween is it is a time to be silly. Halloween is a great time to capture some fun and not-so-traditional pictures of your kids in their Halloween costumes! A few years back I held a Halloween mini-session for my…Continue Reading

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