Stacy at Confessions of a Cloth Diaperer is a work-at-home mom that makes the cutest cloth diapers and cloth trainers.  I was so happy when I received this awesome dino cloth training pant for my son.

SumBum cloth trainers- review

The fit is great.  The cut is more like underwear than most cloth trainers.  Although they are comfy and fit great, 4 year olds can be so stubborn and mine decided he will not wear them (or anything else) at night.  At bedtime, he ends up stripping down to just shorts, which means wet sheets some mornings.  Arg.

Since kiddo wasn’t a willing participant in testing out the training pants, I sent them over to my cousin’s 2 year old little boy.  He loves dinosaurs and needed a little potty training motivation. He loved them and put them on immediately.  The fit was great and he loves to wear them.

My cousin is convinced that the SumBum trainers must be magic.  Her kiddo never had an accident in them.  If she wants to guarantee that he stays dry, the SumBum trainers are the answer.  I think he just doesn’t want to get those cute little dinos wet!

So, since neither of the kiddos tested out the absorbency of the training pant on their own (not that I am complaining- yippee for potty trained kids!), I decided to test it out myself using a cup of warm water.  I was amazed at how much liquid it held and that there were no leaks!  The sewn-in absorbent soaker is super thirsty and would easily hold an accident or two.

SumBum cloth trainers- review

I would definitely recommend the SumBum training pants… who knows, they might be “magic” for you as well!

Be sure to check out Confessions of a Cloth Diaperer on Facebook.  Stacy is always answering questions about cloth diapering, showing off new products – I really want one of her woven wraps and an un-paper towel!  Be sure to visit her site often too because she posts great sales from time to time.


What makes the SumBum Cloth Trainer a Pin-worthy Product?

  • Super cute patterns
  • Soft & comfy
  • Absorbant
  • Designed & made by a mom
  • Made in the USA

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