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Today’s Guest Author is Marisa from Risa Rocks It.

About Marisa: Risa Rocks It is what you get when you combine crafts with a punk-rock sensibility. I am a graphic designer and artist.

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I am a closet steampunk.  So when I was designing some steampunk cupcake wrappers to sell in my etsy shop, I really wanted to give these cute top hat toppers a go to use as photo props.



The original instructions called for using some edible paint for the goggles, which frankly, sounded like a big pain in the butt.  So I changed it up a bit and used a “bit o’ honey” for the goggles and a vanilla tootsie roll for the lenses.

I really like the way they turned out.  And I even created my own high heel spat topper design with the tootsie rolls I had leftover.

Steampunk #Cupcake Toppers

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