Spring Wreath Ideas

Bring a touch of Spring to your home with a festive Spring Wreath! My front door is desperately needing a touch of Spring! My inner “Martha” wanted to come out and create a Spring Wreath of my own. After brainstorming a bit, I wanted to find what Spring meant to me. I know that a pop of color is always a welcomed sign of warmer months ahead. And, the bright colors of tulips popping up, always remind me of Spring! So, the best way to bring a “pop” of spring color to a wreath would be through flowers. Right? Then, I got to thinking… with living in Ohio, when I think of Spring, I do not only think of Flowers, but I think of GREEN grass! With this in mind, I wanted to incorporate “grass” into the Spring Wreath. Actually, I wanted the bulk of my wreath to be “grass” and also wanted to incorporate flowers in some way. I found a way to create this Spring Wreath without needles nor glue. Not only simple to construct, but it takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Whether you are a seasoned crafter, or just beginning, you can tackle this fun project. Here is the supplies that you will need to complete the craft:

  • Foam Wreath
  • Yarn
  • Floral Trim
  • Pins
  • Scissors

I went searching for the perfect materials to construct my wreath. And, I found Eyelash Yarn can give the appearance of grass. Lucky me, Martha Stewart makes a lot of eye-catching Eyelash Yarn! I went with her Martha Stewart Glitter Eyelash Yarn: PERIDOT (color). Not only is it the color of green I was looking for, but there is some shimmery golds peaking through. See for yourself:

MS Glitter Eyelash Yarn

Perfect, no? I love the affect of a “shimmer-y” grass wreath. I wanted to give the wreath some fullness so I looked for a styrofoam round wreath, and found FloraCraft Styrofoam Wreath: 5-7/8×1-3/16. Although the grass wreath would not need embelishment, I wanted to give the wreath a pop of color! So, I looked for a floral trim that I could cut and pin onto the wreath. WOW! I had A LOT of Choices!

Floral Trim selection for Spring Wreath Ideas

I decided to go with a chain of small white daisies. What’s great is that you do not have to by the entire reel of trim, just purchase what is needed. I only purchased a chain of just 30 daisies. They were perfect because they had a yellow center, just like the a real daisy! I just needed gold pushpins and this would complete my project’s search process for supplies. I was ready to make my Spring Wreath!

Floral Chain of Daisies

1. Continuously wrap the EyeLash Yarn around the Styrofoam Wreath. Make sure that it is tight enough not to show the Styrofoam, but still a bit of room to fluff the Yarn’s “Eyelashes”!

2. When you finish the the wreath, just tie the end of the yarn by weaving and knotting it through the backside of the already wound yarn.

3. Get your scissors ready to cut out some flowers. I cut the 30 daisies from the chain.

4. Next, I pinnned the center of the flower to the wreath with those lovely gold push pins.

5. Finally, it is time to hang your gorgeous creation. With the wreath being made from foam, I just pushed it onto the small nail on our door that I hang all of our wreaths on.

Detailed picture of Daisy/ Grass Wreath

A Welcoming Spring Wreath

You did it, you have completed the project!

I hope to have inspired you to create your own Spring Wreath. And, I would love to hear about it! What are some of Your Spring Wreath Ideas?

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