Geocaching is more than just using a multi-billion dollar satellite system to track down old tupperware in the woods! It is adventures – and you get to choose which one. That’s the great thing about caching; you can play it however you want. You can be:

a “numbers” cacher – just get as many finds as possible
a weekend warrior – it is an excuse to get up and enjoy the outdoors
an experience cacher – you want the full experience, no park-n-grabs for you
a completist cacher – this guy needs to fill in all those silly boxes on the statistics page. The “Finds for Each Day of the Year” or the “Difficulty/Terrain” grid, the Jasmer challenger, the DeLorme challenge. He must complete them all.
an FTF hound – what? A new cache has posted? I must find it now!

There are many different types of cachers and reasons to go caching. We just like caching and our reasons for caching vary as time goes by. I will admit though, that I am an FTF hound. My heart rate increases just a little every time I see the notify email that a new cache has been published… and if it’s close… here we go!

Lately, I have been drawn to the classic caches, those being the older, more seasoned caches that were hidden prior to 2003. There is actually a caching challenge called the Jasmer Challenge which requires you find a geocache hidden in every month since Geocaching’s inception in May of 2000.

Today’s caches reflected two of our latest attractants to caching. It started with grabbing two of California’s newest caches, GC4Q72E and GC4Q722 as FTF’s (hound) and then we made the trek to the other side of the mountain to grab California’s oldest geocache, GC5B, Phil’s Memorial Cache (classic). Phil’s is actually the 33rd oldest active cache in the world and that is out 2,247,020 active caches in the world right now!

I have been eyeing GC5B for awhile now, so between the two nearby FTF’s and almost perfect weather, we decided to try for this one. We drove to Mile Marker 19 as instructed and hit the trail. The kiddos had slept on the car ride over and both were still groggy, so the wifey and I both started the hike with a kiddo strapped to each us. The four year old was content riding on daddy with a bag of BBQ potato chips as an afternoon snack while momma carried the 10 month old.

The hike was nice. Our GPSr showed 1.2 miles from our parking spot and we ended hiking 1.7 miles to the GZ. The weather was basically perfect. We took the longer, scenic route around the pond arriving at the GZ. Our geo-senses were tuned and me made the quick find! Signed the log, snapped some photos and headed back completing a 3.3 mile round trip hike.

It was an epic day of geocaching, okay, maybe epic is a bit strong, but it was definitely one for the books… and the blog :)


SPOILER ALERT:  GC5B Cache container and location revealed…


Phil's Memorial Cache Photo Grid


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