We have been hearing a lot lately about different Pinterest strategies meant to get your pins in front of more people.  One of these strategies is deleting your old, under performing pins.

The idea is to only serve up the pins that are getting repinned.  All of those pins that you may have pinned in the past that for whatever reason never got a single repin… delete them!

Check out our handy guide to deleting old pins here – The Super Easy Guide to Deleting Pinterest Pins in Bulk

Should you delete your Pinterest Pins?


Sarah Titus just wrote a great article that lists 9 Reasons You Should Be Deleting Your Pins.  She goes into detail about how Pinterest looks at boards and her results from deleting her old pins.

Sarah says:

“I continued deleting all my pins on my account that had less than 5 repins. Immediately, I started seeing Pinterest respond. They were giving me more repins. They were showing my stuff to other people and whereas the MOST repins I was getting before I started all this, was like 30 repins. Now, it’s closer to 100!!! I have gotten repins that are 300 and 1,000 and many in the 100’s. No longer am I getting 30’s. I’m getting 100’s. Most of my pins now get over 5 repins, even the ones that don’t do well at all.”

Wow!  For sure we will be going through our old boards and deleting underperforming pins, how about you?

Do you delete old pins?  How does it help your Pinterest boards?


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