We are so excited to be able to shine the Shopping Saturday Spotlight on Beddy’s!

I first discovered Beddy’s a few months ago when they launched a Kickstarter campaign for their innovative new zippered bedding.  Yes, you read that right… zippered bedding.  Beddy’s has completely re-invented bedding and made it easy to make, comfortable to sleep in and super stylish.

The gals at Beddy’s spent tons of time researching the best way to create bedding that kids (and adults) love.  The material that they use is super soft and silky with a top “cuddle” fabric that is warm and comfy.  Best of all, Beddy’s is completely machine washable!  The zippers on every Beddy’s are designed so they do not snag.  This is a huge bonus for me since I tend to snag every zipper I have ever used and have been banned from zipping up the tent when we go camping!

They sell bedding for all bed sizes and types of mattresses.  If you have a regular bed, bunk beds, loft bed, trundle bed, murphy bed or pillow top, Beddy’s will work for you!  I think they would also be good for tough spaces like motorhomes or trailers.  I absolutely hate making our bed in the trailer when we go camping and love how easy it would be with Beddy’s.

From Beddy’s:

We made Beddy’s™ bedding to solve the problems kids and parents face today. Here’s what our bedding will do for you:

  • Kids can finally make their own beds easily. Less nagging = happy parents!
  • Kids stay warm at night because they don’t kick off their blankets
  • Simple one piece design is easy to wash and remake.
  • Parents are happy because they aren’t making their kids’ beds…yet somehow they are FINALLY made.


Yes, Beddys’ are for kids, but they are also for adults.  I am not the best at making our bed and most mornings I simply leave it unmade ::hang my head in shame::   I love that Beddys makes it super simple to make every bed in the house… both kids AND adults.  All of Beddy’s bedding is stylish, modern and fits in with the decor in any master bedroom or kid’s room.  My favorite for our master suite is their Chic White Beddy’s… isn’t it gorgeous?

Chic White Beddys

Beddy’s fits on a bed like a fitted sheet.  You can zip or unzip both sides of the top cover depending on how you prefer to sleep.  There is still plenty of room to wiggle around in bed and it is not at all like sleeping in a sleeping bag.  When you wake up, just zip up the bed and you are done!


The Beddy’s Design



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Since I know you want one… or maybe two or three… Beddy’s has given Pin-n-Tell readers a special coupon code to use for a $30 discount!  Just visit https://beddys.com/shop/ and use code pinntell30 for $30 off each Beddy’s!  Coupon Expires: 11/15/14


Also, be sure to enter our awesome GIVEAWAY from Beddy’s!


These are the current styles Beddy’s offers.  Which one is your favorite?

Which one would you love for your room or your kid’s rooms?

Beddys Designs

 Modern Gray is perfect for a teen or guest room and can be styled for a boy or a girl.




Silky on the bottom and cuddly on the top… a perfect combo!


The amazing Beddy’s no-snag zipper.  Just zip up your bed!


Perfectly Miss-Matched is oh so girly and adorable!



Did we mention that they also sell adorable pillows and accessories?



There is that amazing zipper again!  I love that it is color coordinated.



Remember to enter the GIVEAWAY and don’t forget the $30 OFF DISCOUNT CODE above!  Here’s to zipping up your bed!


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