My babies love to be swaddled.  They seem to enjoy the comfort of a swaddle.  It calms them right down and also helps them sleep longer at night, which makes this mommy a firm believer in swaddling.

But getting the perfect swaddle is tough.  Too loose, too tight, squirmy kiddo, too high up now, did his arm just creep out again…  ARG!

Enter the Ollie Swaddle.  The Ollie Swaddle is super easy to use.  Simply lay the baby down and velcro it closed – BAM – done!

The first thing that impressed me when my Ollie Swaddle arrived was its packaging.  It arrives like a special little gift prepared just for you and it includes many extras that surprised me and make opening the Ollie Swaddle even more fun.The Ollie Swaddle Package - Keep Calm and Swaddle On

The Ollie Swaddle comes with:

  • 1 Swaddle
  • 1 Laundry Bag
  • Keep Calm and Swaddle On Magnet
  • Instructions
  • Cute round box that I just can’t seem to part with :)

Once I finally got over the fun of opening it up,  I put the Ollie Swaddle on my little guy and within 3 minutes, he was fast asleep!  And ever since, we have been using it daily for his naps. It helps him to settle down and know that it is time to sleep.

Isn’t he so sweet?!?

The Ollie Swaddle... adorable and great for little babies!

The Ollie Swaddle is unlike any other swaddle I have used.  It is stretchy and flexible, but it still gives a nice tight swaddle.  I love that I get a custom fit and can adjust the tightness as needed.  It is also made of a moisture-wicking material that keeps the baby from overheating.  Seriously, the material that is used is unlike any other… soft on the inside and almost rubbery on the outside.

Another reason I love the material on the Ollie Swaddle is that it is so easy to clean.  My little guy spits up quite a bit and any projectiles wipe right off!

I absolutely love my Ollie Swaddle!

What makes the Ollie Swaddle a Pinworthy Product

  • Custom developed moisture-wicking material to reduce overheating
  • Improves quality and quantity of sleep
  • Easy to Use
  • So cute and comfy

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