Do you remember my Pin-tastrophe a few months ago involving me trying to make DIY wool dryer balls? After that fisasco I turned towards the professionals and received 4 perfectly made wool dryer balls from

They have been in my dryer for every laundry load since the day they arrived. I absolutely LOVE them!

My favorite Wool Dryer Balls

I received their undyed and unscented white wool dryer balls which is perfect because my little guy has such sensitive skin. I will admit that I am eyeing some of their new colored wool dryer balls…Sky Blue and Hot Pink are calling my name! I would also love to try out some of the scents like coconut or vanilla! For now I just add a few drops of lavender essential oil to each of the balls and it works perfectly to give a light lavender smell to our sheets and towels.

The wool dryer balls are economical and can be used with all of our clothes and even cloth diapers! I have definitely noticed a decrease in drying time and I feel like our clothes are softer. The only thing I would recommend is to take out any microfiber towels before drying since they just seem to create a ton of static no matter what. Other than the microfiber, I haven’t had any static issues and have not once had to use a dryer sheet or fabric softener!

What makes it a Pin-worthy Product?

  • Shep’s only uses 100% wool inside and out
  • Wool absorbs static cling and softens clothing- never buy fabric softeners again!
  • Wool dryer balls decrease laundry drying time
  • Awesome colors and scents
  • Shep’s is a family business who lovingly makes each wool dryer ball by hand in USA since 2007!

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