January, February and March all flew by, what with having a newborn in the house and all.  I am just now starting to come out of that baby haze and ready to jump back into everything.  The only thing is that I am feeling so disorganized since the last 4 months have been such a blur.  Spring is the perfect time to refocus and get organized and it is just the extra bit of push I have been needing.  I am going to be spending the next few weeks Seizing the Spring and testing out Pinterest spring cleaning tips and tricks, organizing products and more.

First thing is first… a calendar.  I can’t believe that I didn’t even have a 2013 calendar in the house.  I do have an old dry erase monthly planner calendar hanging up over my desk that I update with my husband’s work schedule and our family events, but…. it still says November 2012…. eek!  Let’s just blame the fact that I was having contractions all of December ;)

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was browsing Pinterest and came across this amazing DIY “Big Honking Frame” for this incredible calendar from NeuYear.net.

NeuYear.net Calendar Frame from http://www.yellowbrickhome.com

NeuYear.net Calendar Frame from http://www.yellowbrickhome.com


I haven’t made this great frame yet for my NeuYear Calendar yet, but I plan on it since this beautiful calendar deserves and equally beautiful frame!

If you haven’t seen their calendars yet you have to check them out.  They are huge at almost 30″x40″ and allow you to see the entire year all at once.  The cool thing is that it can be turned either vertically or horizontally depending on what you want.  They are also super innovative in that they focus on the weeks instead of the months to give you a better perspective to make it easier to plan.

I really love my NeuYear Calendar.  Since hubby’s schedule is so crazy and constantly changing, it is nice to be able to look up and see everything all in one place so I can know if he might be home or if we can plan a trip to Disneyland or whatever.

I have another calendar in the baby’s room.  It is great to be able to just jot down a few memorable things on the calendar each day.  I haven’t even started a baby book for poor baby #2, so this is a great way to remember all of those little (and big) moments.  I actually think it is an even cooler “baby book” than the traditional ones that ask you all sorts of random things that don’t apply to your family or baby.

Baby Memory Calendar- awesome alternative to a baby book!

If you want to join me in getting organized this Spring, the first thing to do is go get this calendar.  Not only are they ON SALE right now, they are also offering Pin-n-Tell readers a 50% off discount!!!  Just enter PinNtell at checkout :)

Get connected with NeuYear:

Twitter: @NeuYear

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Website: http://www.neuyear.net

This is the coolest calendar ever! NeuYear Calendar

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