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About Alyssa: I love cooking and crafting when I’m not stressed with school!

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Original Pin: 

I saw this on Pintrest a while back, and I thought it would be a great idea for my grandparents, but with all the grandkid’s names. I showed it to my mom and she thought it was a great idea. Being the creative one in the family, I was stuck with the project.

The outcome:

DIY Scrabble Name Art

It worked perfectly!

We had an old Scrabble game, and I liked the look of the tiles and the simplicity of the board, so we bought ourselves a new game and used the old game. The first thing we did was figure out how we were going to set up the names. Then, we bought a shadow box and glue at Hobby Lobby (I don’t know what glue we used, but it was just a simple strong adhesive). I then glued the letters onto the board, and let it sit for a few hours. Then I mounted the board into the shadow box with the pins that came with it (that was definitely the hardest part. I’d suggest making holes with a thick safety pin first.) Then I took one of the stands and used the letters to spell out “Grand_ids” (unfortunately, the game only has one K, which was being used in my brother’s name, Luke, so we figured since the blank tile can be used as any letter in the game, we used the blank tile as a K) I glued those onto the stand, then taped the stand onto the bottom of the shadow box (and I mean scotch tape. Seriously.)

The shadow box is 20″x20″, so there’s a little extra room on the sides, but I think it’ll look great hanging next to the “50 things we love about Grandma and Grandpa” project we did for their 50th anniversary. I really can’t wait for them to open it on Christmas!

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