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Today’s Guest Author is Silvie from We Keep Choosing Us

About Silvie: Daughter of God, wife, homeschooling Mama of 5, Lilla Rose Consultant, Young Living Distributor, Tower Gardens Distributor, TRUTH seeker and speaker. I am love.

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Save time and money

I believe saving time to save money is important in Motherhood as well as business and anywhere else in life.  Perhaps it is especially important to and for those Mothers who find themselves in the midst of business responsibilities through choice or out of necessity.  Even for those Mothers who are able to be full-time Moms and not worry about generating an income, saving time saves money.

The money referenced may not be a one to one conversion of time to paper currency.  It may be more about energy output for end result.  It could be relating to the saving work that Mother love does in their children’s lives.  In reality, there is no saving of time or spending of time.  I mentioned that I realized that the last time I broached this topic.  Nonetheless, given our linear experience of this manifestation, I think these terms are relatively appropriate.

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I am Tori. Daughter of God, homeschooling Mother of 5 hoping for more blessings to raise, considered weird by man, and just starting to learn that I really love myself weirdness and all!

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