Let’s face it, as a mom on Pinterest we’re constantly bombarded with pins that promise to educate and entertain our kids.  Often I try them, when I’m not busy cleaning, running errands, cleaning up puke (I have a infant as well as a 4, and almost 3 yr. old) and refereeing anything and everything!  I think it’s nice to know how one will really work.  I see pictures with kids sitting and playing nicely a little mess here, a drop there.  If that’s your kids then you’re BLESSED!! If not, like me, you may wonder is the “fun” worth the MESS?!

Enter my pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/282460207852352343/

It looked like fun, something my kids would love (ie: messy) but could they handle it and would it be worth all that mess?  There’s some ground work for you, I had to prepare the rice ahead of time.  I dyed the rice to make it the color of lemonade, let it dry, got a few cups and pitchers and let them play.  I was planning to use it after rest time, if they were good at laying down for 30 min.

Scented Sensory Rice {Pin-vestigated}

I mixed the rice in the bag, dried it out and set up the table.

Scented Sensory Rice {Pin-vestigated}

This is what it looked like before.  My 4 year old was up first…I told her to wait for her brother but she just started playing before I could get him up.  Then once her brother joined they had so much fun.  It went from making pretend lemonade and having pretend drinks, to pretend cooking and getting all their kitchen toys out to play with it too.  This is what it looked like an hour later.


Scented Sensory Rice - The Aftermath

Well now here’s the mess part…was it worth it. I’d say yes! They only had one tiff during the whole hour and had so much fun bringing in the other toys.  I had to show the 2 yr. old how to scrape up the rice into bowl once so he could clean up a little and that was it.  I will say that I put a sheet down and that was worth it I caught most of what went on the floor in the sheet.  You could do this outside too, that was my first plan but it was too hot to be out today! Also if you want to be super mom you can make clean up part of the play…or you could just be lucky like me and have a two year old who loves to sweep.

Scented Sensory Rice - The kids LOVED it!

It was fun, a little work but well worth it.  Now I have the rice for another hot or rainy day down the road and I won’t have to make the rice this time.

Scented Sensory Rice

I found another bit of rice and made another color too for next time. I think this was a success. The kids asked if they could do it again and now that I made the rice it should last one or two more times! So if you have some rice and need to have something fun for the kiddos to do try this pin out!

Next time we can experiment with mixing colors too!





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