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Today’s Guest Author is Diane from Di Doodlings.

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Are you a ‘Pinner’? I love to explore all the many Pinterest boards out there. Sometimes I repin, sometimes I bookmark a pin so I can try it later…..and today is one of those days!

I have pinned lots of rainbow food items. I am fascinated with what people do with food coloring!! My nephew spent the weekend with me and I love doing fun food crafts with him, so I checked my boards and picked the Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies. Now please, don’t look at their picture yet…… Here’s the truth, I am not a chef or a baker. I have a nice camera, but usually only use the program setting. With all that in mind, I set out to show how a ‘normal’ pinner might make these cookies!

So, here’s what you need-

Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix package (I used two–I was very energetic). Food Coloring. Cookie Sprinkles.

After making the cookies according to the package (add a Tablespoon of flour since you will be handling the dough a lot) I separated the dough into 5 bowls.

Next add some food coloring. I used what I had on hand–which was McCormick Neon 4 colors and I added yellow as the 5th shade. Mixing in the color was interesting – not fun! I added 10 drops per bowl. Mix with spoon and then hands to get the color distributed. I put in the refrigerator to cool the dough before we started rolling. Next time I may put into plastic bags and mash the color in that way.

Rainbow Explosion Cookies Rainbow Explosion Cookies from

Make grape size balls of each color. Then roll 5 balls together. Don’t roll too much. It should look like a cool beach ball. My helper enjoyed this part the most.

Rainbow Explosion Cookies Rainbow Explosion Cookies from

Rainbow Explosion Cookies Rainbow Explosion Cookies from

The next step is to roll the ball into a snake onto a lightly floured counter. This is a difficult part for younger helpers. But, this was a project we were doing together–and we enjoyed every part of it! Take the ‘snake’ and coil it into a circle. Twist the coil as you roll to swirl the colors. The final step is to dip the ends into fun cookie sprinkles.

Bake for 10-14 minutes (depending on how large your small grapes become as you grow weary of making beach balls, snakes and coils )

The results were delicious and oh so beautiful! The finished cookies got the exact response I was hoping for, “They look a lot like rainbows!’ So here is a picture of our finished project. Thanks for the helping hands Garon!

Rainbow Explosion Cookies Rainbow Explosion Cookies from

Now go check out how the experts made this recipe!


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