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Today’s Guest Author is Anastasia.

About Anastasia: My favorite pasttime is whipping up treats for my family on borrowed time.

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Did you see my Pin-tastrophe from last week? Well, luckily the much trickier-sounding pink popcorn recipe went off perfectly!

Pretty in Pink PopcornFeeling a bit daft I mixed up the Jello (I selected cherry) exactly as specified in the original blog posting (oh wait, not exactly – after the popcorn was done I realized I had left out the baking soda, though with no ill effect).

Then like a fool I attempted to toss 7-odd cups of popcorn and half the sticky candy mixture in the world’s smallest mixing bowl.

It took a bit longer to get the popcorn well and truly coated and a bit of the candy mixture sank to the bottom.

Nevertheless, the popcorn looked pink going into the oven to set and came out looking even better!

Everybody agreed despite the odd color it had an appealing look and the taste was great – basically a slightly cherry-flavored candied popcorn.  It was totally addictive!


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