#How-to Un-shrink Clothes

When I saw this pin about re-stretching shrunken clothes, I was so excited! My little guy has been growing super fast and his swaddles have shrunk. He is still too small for the next size, so I figured I would give this pin a try and see if I could stretch out the swaddles so they would work again.

I filled the sink with hot water and a few travel sized conditioners (bonus points for finally finding a use for all those bottles hubby brings home from trips!) After letting the swaddle soak for 30 minutes, I wrung it out and stretched and stretched the fabric then laid it flat to dry.

The results?

Un-Shrink Clothes  Did it work?

As you can see, the swaddle on the left (the one I stretched) is definitely bigger than the one on the right by a few inches. It is still a little snug on baby boy, but it worked great that night.

So… Pin-Win? Not quite.

Once I washed the swaddle and dried it (on low) with the other baby clothes, it reverted to it’s shrunken state. Since I am not going to try to stretch it out every time I want to use it, I would call this pin a fail for me.

Anyone else Pin-vestigated this pin? Did you have similar results or better luck?


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