Last week I purchased a bunch of bananas.  They were green, but I figured they would ripen up in no time.  To my kiddos dismay, a week passed and they were still as green as could be and rock hard :(

Off to Pinterest I went to find out ways to ripen bananas.  First I put them in a brown paper bag. No change.  Next I broke out the big guns and tried to ripen them in the oven.

After about an hour, my bananas were black as could be, just like the Pinterest pictures…

Pin-vestigated: Ripening bananas in the oven... Did it work?


Although they felt softer, when I tried to open one up, the peel just wouldn’t peel.  After much prying, I finally got one of my “ripened” bananas opened and it was a very unappetizing grayish color… ewwww…

Pin-vestigated: Ripening bananas in the oven... Did it work?


After being completely grossed out, I poked at the banana a bit and it was still pretty hard on the inside.  I couldn’t be tempted to actually taste it, so I can’t tell you if it was sweet or not.

My conclusion is that for me, this Pin flopped :(  We ended up throwing all of the bananas away this morning.

Who knows…maybe my bananas were just too unripe to begin with?  Anyone else ever try to ripen their bananas in the oven?  What were your results?


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