I hate this time of year. Actually I love summer, but I hate one main aspect that it inevitably brings with it… the Invasion of the Ants. Last week I was sitting at home minding my own business trying to stay cool inside with the a/c blasting and I saw it. One lone little scout ant on my kitchen counter. I knew his friends weren’t far behind and I knew I had to do something quick.

Being pregnant, I cannot really be playing with all of the lovely ant poisons out there, so I decided to jump on Pinterest and find a “natural” ant killing concoction. I was so excited when I found this super simple recipie that called for only water, sugar and borax.

I quickly cooked up a batch and set a small bowl on my counter and watched at the ants ran to it. They LOVED the stuff.

Day 1: The ants seem to like my homemade ant killer. There seem to be thousands drinking from it. Let’s just hope it kills them and I am not just providing a free lunch.

Day 2: The ants are still taking the bait. The baby powder has kept them in that small area on the counter and at least I am not finding ants all over the kitchen.

Day 3: The ants are gone!!! Only a few stragglers left. Whoo hoo!

It appeared that the magic concoction worked, but……. 3 days later…. the ants are back :( I set out another bowl of the “poison” to keep them from finding everything in my pantry, but this time I stepped it up a notch and had hubby spray real poison around the house.

Anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of these pesky ants?


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