Pin to win a $500 Belabumbum shopping spree!

Belabumbum has launched a “Show Us Your Belabumbum” pinterest contest to celebrate motherhood during the month of May.

We created a board around the idea of  ”blooming woman” to celebrate our evolving and enduring beauty as we journey through the different stages of motherhood: pregnant woman, nursing mom, wife, lover. We’re pinning images that show what makes us feel playful, pretty, and pampered at each phase: belly, boudoir, and beyond.

Join us to win! There are three easy steps:

  1. Create — Create a “My Belabumbum” board on your Pinterest account.
  2. Pin — Pin images on your  ”My Belabumbum” board that represent your blooming — your journey through motherhood and what makes you feel good at the stage you’re at right now. Show us your favorite Belabumbum pieces, as well as other images that resonate with you. Include anything you want: people, places, spaces, things — whatever inspires you. In the pin descriptions, jot down a few words or a short explanation of why you chose that pin.
  3. Tweet — Tweet us a link to your board (@Belabumbum) using the hashtag #mybelabumbum.

That’s it! We’ll announce the winner at the end of May.

Have fun, inspire yourself, and get in that place where you feel confident and strong — and maybe even a bit sassy.

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