Growing up, Mountain Dew was always slightly mysterious.

Many urban legends surround this highly caffeinated soda – remember the concern over “yellow number 5”? If you don’t, then I’m not gonna tell you. Sorry. Needless to say, many nervous teenage boys stayed far away from Mountain Dew. So when I saw a pin on making Mountain Dew glow in the dark, I thought it was possible – gosh, it was probably the yellow number 5 again! I pinned it on my “Fun Things to do With the Kids” board.

Mountain Don't @

Fast forward a couple of weeks, we decided to do this one evening with the kids. We got everything we needed, per the video – one mountain dew, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. We followed the directions exactly. I was recording on my iPod Touch, and the kids waited with bated breath, we turned out the lights. My husband shook the bottle, and…..nothing. Maybe we did something wrong – so we started over again – made sure everything was perfect, and same result – just a bottle with mountain dew, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide all mixed together. No glow. We were tricked!

We must not have been the only ones…since then, Snopes has confirmed that it is false:

But we are left with a brand new bottle of hydrogen peroxide – and no ideas for it. But thanks to Pinterest, I now know that hydrogen peroxide can be used in place of bleach for your white laundry, it will whiten grout, and can be mixed with water and sprayed on plants to help keep them naturally clean. So it’s all good!

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