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Today’s Guest Author is Debbie from Made from Pinterest.

About Made from Pinterest: We are three fifty-something sisters and we are addicted to Pinterest! We thought it would be fun to start a blog where we made things from Pinterest and share our results with you!

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Sundays are a good crockpot day for me.  I love finding a great recipe to cook in mycrockpot, dumping the ingredients in the morning, smelling the aroma all day of a great meal that I know is to come and then enjoying it for Sunday dinner.  Sometimes I will take the lid off my crockpot just to make sure the scrumptious smells waft as far as they can throughout the house.  I want as many people in our home to smell the smell and think about how hard I am slaving away in the kitchen.  NOT!  Gotta love crockpots!


Mississippi Roast

Mississippi Pot Roast


See how my Mississippi Roast turned out.


We are three sisters, Debbie, Tracy and Sherri. We make things from Pinterest and share our results with you! Some pins "Rock" and others are a total "Flop"! We tell you how much it cost and why it did or didn't work out.

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