Today’s Guest Author is Debbie from Made from Pinterest.

About Made from Pinterest: We are three fifty-something sisters and we are addicted to Pinterest! We thought it would be fun to start a blog where we made things from Pinterest and share our results with you!

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When all else fails — make spaghetti.

Isn’t that the truth?  When your day doesn’t go as planned, but you still need dinner, you can always make spaghetti.

When you have carved out enough time out of your day to prepare a meal for your family, but then a friend calls and took up that time, you can always make spaghetti.

Lucky for you, today’s post is about spaghetti.


But not ordinary spaghetti.

Million. Dollar. Spaghetti.

Million Dollar Spaghetti - This is NOT your everyday ordinary spaghetti. This is out of this world, amazing spaghetti EVERYONE will love!

Find out how Million Dollar Spaghetti turned out here!


We are three sisters, Debbie, Tracy and Sherri. We make things from Pinterest and share our results with you! Some pins "Rock" and others are a total "Flop"! We tell you how much it cost and why it did or didn't work out.

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