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I know there is a health-movement out there that is telling folks to ditch their microwaves and live life to the healthiest by eating only organic foods that should come with a warranty because they ended up costing you so much.

I’m not trying to knock eating organic or healthy foods, but you will never be able to convince me to give up my microwave.  Even if it grew legs and ran around my kitchen trying to whip me with his electrical cord, I would still be trying to heat up some popcorn or asking it to make me some microwave bacon.

I’m also a big fan of making food that is fast and easy, especially after a long day away from home at work.

Enter, The Amazing ‘How to Microwave Corn on the Cob‘ pin that I stumbled upon a few weeks ago.

It’s simple (a.k.a. Perfect for my level of cooking skills and time schedule’).

Step 1: Buy corn on the cob.  Whether this is from an evil corporate grocery store or a roadside family raising money for beans, it shouldn’t matter. Just make sure it is on the cob and not in a can.  That is important.

Step 2: Decide to eat the corn you bought.  I’d recommend serving it up as a side dish, but hey, if you just want to eat corn on the cob all by itself, go right ahead.

Step 3: Take your corn on the cob and put it in the microwave.  Don’t peel back the leaves, remove the silks or even think of seasoning it.  Forget about even using a plate.  We’re trying to save water, people, and washing that extra dish could probably impact the sea conch’s water supply, or something like that.

Step 4: Close the microwave door and remind yourself that even though you really need to clean your microwave, it will be fine for this task.

Step 5: Feel like Judy Jetson as you make your microwave buttons say “Beep-boop-beep-boop” while you set the time and hit START or COOK or whatever your fancy microwave’s ‘go’ button says.  According to the pin’s page and ultimately the YouTube video, you should cook one or two ears of corn at a time.  Don’t think this corn tip will come in handy for hosting a corn on the cob party for 50 people or anything like that.  That would kind of be a lame party to go to anyway, sorry. They say you can make up to 4 ears at a time, but I didn’t need that many, so I only did 2.

Cook 1 cob for 4 minutes or 2 cobs for 8 minutes.  On HIGH.  Seriously, do you even use any of those other power settings?

Step 6: Busy yourself during the cooking time with a book, some fast-drying nail polish, or maybe you just need to go switch over the loads in the washing machine.  Whatever.  Live large, I say…

Step 7: After your microwave ‘dings’ and you ask yourself, “Are 5 dings really necessary, Microwave Makers?  I get it! It’s ready!” arm yourself with some decent pot holders.  Not your kitchen towel – Real, honest to goodness pot holders, or maybe even the fancy Ove’ Glove, if you are so blessed to own one.

Step 8: Grab your piping hot corn cobs and place them on a cutting board. Hack off the knobby end that used to be connected with the corn stalk with your super-knife.

Step 9: Here comes the awesome part: Grab the pointy / non-chopped part of your cob (seriously, keep that potholder on for this part or you’ll be sorry!) and shake out the fresh and steamy ear of corn.

Step 10: Notice that your happy little corn cob is free of all his nasty silks and leaves?  Even if there were some nasty worms or bugs in there before you started, rest assured that they are good and nuked now, and should pose no threat to your delicate sensibilities.

Step 11 (because all good things go up to ELEVEN, right?): Season your corn, prep your after-dinner floss, and enjoy!


Microwave Corn- Pinvestigated!


One lucky lady with a fun family, a comfy bed and 2 jobs where she gets paid to write and help plan events. Next goal: Have a vegetable more than once a month. I have a love affair with Pinterest, writing and attempting to laugh at my mistakes.

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