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Today’s Guest Author is Debbie from Made from Pinterest.

About Made from Pinterest: We are three fifty-something sisters and we are addicted to Pinterest! We thought it would be fun to start a blog where we made things from Pinterest and share our results with you!

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Do you have recipes that when you make them and take them to an event, that you are ALWAYS asked for the recipe?  I have a few that it’s guaranteed that if I bring it, I will be asked for the recipe.  Lipton Onion Potatoes is one of those recipes.   Every once in a while I will ask someone for their recipe and they are reluctant to share because it’s a family recipe or they want to keep the recipe close to their chest so that no one else can make something that scrumpdiddlyumptious.  I am always happy to share my recipes however I am somewhat reluctant to share this when someone asks because it’s so DANG EASY.


Lipton Onion Potatoes

Super Easy Lipton Onion Potato Recipe- YUM!


Check out my Lipton Onion Potatoes



We are three sisters, Debbie, Tracy and Sherri. We make things from Pinterest and share our results with you! Some pins "Rock" and others are a total "Flop"! We tell you how much it cost and why it did or didn't work out.

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