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Today’s Guest Author is Jamie from Mommy to Cupcakes.

About Jamie: I love pinning! I am a Mommy to a precious little girl and wife to an amazing, silly man. My interests include: spending time with my family, drawing, writing, blogging, Catholicism, teaching…

You can find Jamie on Pinterest at

I really, really love Pinterest.  It first drew me in because of how easy to use and fun it was to play around with.  I love categorizing my life and started in on that task right away.  I have so many boards… 66 at the moment and I browse my entire feed at least once a day.  If ever I need a really good laugh, I just click my Heh, Funny board and reread all those hilarious pins I’ve reposted.  I once showed my dad that board and we were both cracking up for a longer period of time than I care to admit.

Since my husband and I have moved into our own place, I’ve started to learn how to cook.  I literally have no idea how I would have done this without having Pinterest.  What a resource!!  I used to have a board called Mmm Food where I pinned all the recipes I wanted to try.  That board got so full and disorganize, however, that I had to break it up into the following 5 boards: Breakfast Ideas, Lunch Ideas, Dinner Ideas, Dessert Ideas, and Snack Ideas.  Now whenever I’m menu planning, writing my grocery list or actually cooking the new meal, I just click the appropriate board and I can find it right away.  My favorite so far has been the dinner: 3 ingredients, Crock pot Pork Chops – INCREDIBLE!

I don’t just sit and repin without ever actually DOING these things either.  For proof of that, check out my Pins I’ve Actually Done board.  There you will find a respectable 24 (out of 2043… maybe not so respectable, lol) pins.

Other life improvements fall under the categories: crafting, Catholicism, organization, room / home decore, education, blogging… the list goes on and on.  It’s just so easy to use!  (This is starting to sound like a big advertisement but I don’t care.  I love Pinterest and I’ll shout it from the rooftops!)

In addition to all of this, Pinterest has helped my BLOG!

So I kind of owe it this free advertising.  Because of pinterest, my blog post, What and How to Feed a Toddler has BLOWN up getting me thousands of page views!  (8,000 on the best day when it first made it there)  This has helped me earn money through my banner ad because that is per impressions, but I’m sure it has helped with my SEO and such as well.

In conclusion, THANK YOU Pinterest for all you do!



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