I have been taking muggles with me and introducing them to geocaching.  Muggles, stolen from Harry Potter’s non-magical people, are people who are non-geocachers.  Sometimes the difficulty rating on a cache is due to “high muggle activity” – a cache that might be easy to locate, but extreme stealth (or a very early morning hour) is required to actually remove, sign and replace the cache without any muggles becoming too suspicious!

Since I have been taking muggles out caching with me, I wanted to be sure to get them hooked. How do you hook a muggle into caching?  Find a really cool one!  And Geocaching.com makes that very easy with Favorite Points.  For every ten caches that you find you earn one Favorite Point that you can award to geocaches that you think deserve a little extra recognition.

With this in mind, I have been searching for geocaches with a lot of Favorite Points.  To do this, I go to GC’s home page top navigation bar and click “Play”.  You will be presented with a host of location based search options: address, zip code, state, country, longitude/latitude, etc.  Input your location and you will be rewarded with a list of nearby geocaches listed in ascending order by distance from your reference point.  Now here comes the cool part – if you click on the blue ribbon above the cache listings, the page will resort by Favorite Points!

Favorite Points

It kind of feels like I am cheating on all the other nearby caches when I zoom past an LPC only 1/2 mile from me to go grab a highly favorited cache 5 miles away!  But I justify it myself in a myriad of ways so I can sleep soundly at night.  The cache below was one such highly favorited cache that a recent muggle convert and I found:

GC17X3J _FAT_ LIGHTER (Traditional Cache) in Georgia

Found it Found it

Tulsademo’s and my last Augusta smiley… and another great one at that. We were able to park fairly close to the GZ making it a short “hike”. With hint in hand, I thought I had made the find quickly – arg – decoy! Not to be daunted, I pressed on with the search until finally a light popped on in my head and I discovered the cache container!

A fantastic hide – I might have to steal this idea! TFTC and a favorite point shall be awarded 



SPOILER ALERT:  Cache location and container revealed!


Light Bulb Cache in Augusta



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