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Hi. I’m Kiersten and I am pretty much constantly refreshing my Pinterest feed.

I love seeing ideas and inspirational messages from my friends and the other people I follow. I especially find Pinterest particularly helpful in two areas.

I have a board called “Kitchen Concoctions” which is filled with mostly health-conscious and slow cooker recipes. I have no idea what I would make for dinner without Pinterest! I have tried at least 20 recipes for various occasions, including tailgating, baby showers, birthday parties, and just plain Sunday night dinner. I’m happy to say, just about every single one has been a hit!

The second board I am most attached to is my “Fitness Inspiration” board. At 9 months pregnant, it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to exercise the way I’d like (which is with heavy weight and lots of reps) and even longer since I’ve looked at the scale willingly. I’ve found it extremely helpful to keep in mind that I will NOT be pregnant forever, and once I get approval from my doctor, I WILL be able to get back to my physically active lifestyle. I’ve also found great information on the Paleo (mostly protein, fiber, healthy fats) diet and ways to get back in shape after having a baby.

I love using the information I’ve been given and accomplishing the things I pin. I consider it a very welcomed challenge!

You can find Kiersten on Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/kierstenftw

How about you? Why do you love Pinterest?

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