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I love Pinterest because… it inspires me!

I recently stumbled onto Pinterest and have fallen in love with it.  As a writer and photographer, I’m always searching for inspiration to help spark an idea or lead me down a creative path.  I was thrilled to have discovered that I can use my pins on Polyvore to add some spice to my fashionable creations! Now that’s super fun!

On some days, I will need a pick-me-up, something stunning that takes my breath away or super cute that makes me smile – Pinterest has lots of those endearing images which I’ve added to my boards.  Yes, I have more than one board…some feature my Dream Home, others are a collection of places I would love to visit, and of course a supremely adorable collection of animals at their cutest.  It’s a great collage of my moods, dreams, and a glimpse of my personality.

I will often pick an image or two from one of my boards to share on FB or Twitter to help enliven moods all over the world.

Here’s my Pinterest page > http://pinterest.com/charmedchickjg/


Jennifer is an award winning photographer, freelance Illustrator, graphic designer & creative writer. Author of young adult novels Sway and Compass which are based on her life as hearing impaired teen.

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