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I love Pinterest because… I’m always prowling on Pinterest, searching for weird and wonderful stuff to keep the kids entertained.

I’ve found many crafts that the kids really enjoyed and there really is nothing better than homemade items. 

For my birthday, I decided to have a theme that they would enjoy – since we were planning on going to the zoo that featured animatronic dinosaurs (it was amazing!), I decided to find some dinosaur themed ideas on Pinterest.  Lo and behold, I found some really neat ideas such as making frozen dinosaur eggs, fossil cookies, and jello worms.  They got a really big kick out of them and since they had a great time, so did we!

You can view that rocking board at: http://pinterest.com/charmedchickjg/cool-stuff/

There’s lot of fantastic ideas – have fun!


Visit Jenn on Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/charmedchickjg/

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