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Hi, I’m Laura and I love Pinterest!

Ah… Pinterest is so many things and I’m only just beginning!!

>For starters, when Mom’s grumpy, it’s a great place to send me to Time Out. A few minutes turns into lots of minutes, but I awake refreshed, inspired & happy. It’s cheaper than… lots of things!

For second, I keep finding great bloggers: great books reviewed, author interviews, giveaways, fun stuff other readers are doing. Plus I now have a collection of gorgeous bookshelves and tons of book related pictures. Heaven!

Thirdly, there are people out there JUST LIKE ME!!  It’s amazing!  I get lost in their boards.

Most importantly, though, I’m learning how to pin MY posts on Pinterest. I’m excited at the challenge of creating great book-related posts that are super Pin-able. There’s so many cute buttons and Pin-It additions. Heck, for my last Giveaway I added “Follow me on Pinterest” for an extra entry!!  *sigh* Nothin’ like draggin’ yer friends into something FUN!!

My story is still at Discovery. So much potential… and so much fun figuring it out!!

You can find Laura on Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/burgandyice/

How about you? Why do you love Pinterest?

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