I am a Pinterest-aholic and love shopping on Pinterest. But I was constantly clicking on clothes, shoes or purses from Pinterest and getting to either broken links, blocked links or just the image. I couldn’t find where to buy it, how much it was or even just to see more about it. So…I got together with a developer friend of mine and we developed Picnic. This is a free bookmarklet so I (and all my Pinterest friends) could find the original source image of pins.

I made this video to show how it works:

So now whenever I am on Pinterest and want to find out more about a certain pin I just click Picnic and then Find It on the search page. I am now able to find out all kinds of things about my pins. Here are a few other ways my friends are using Picnic on Pinterest:

How Are My Pinterest Pals Using Picnic?

Buy Your Pins

Sarah uses Picnic when she cannot figure out where to buy a pin she loves. She saw an awesome pair of heels that went to a dead link, but when she used Picnic she found out where they were for sale. If you want to find a Pinterest source

Wedding Planning on Pinterest

Christa is planning her pink and blue wedding and she uses Picnic when she wants to find similar images for inspiration–like more versions of that pink bouquet and similar images to the black and white wedding cake she loves.

Find Recipes on Pinterest

Chef Dan uses Picnic to look up recipes for delicious-looking food items he finds on Pinterest.

Location Searching

Whenever Bella sees a pin of an awesome view she uses Picnic to find out where it is…so she can add it to her Bucket List board.

Art Research

Paolo is a nart student who loves to pin paintings and old photographs. When he is trying to find out the painter or background on a painting he uses Picnic for help.

Find Similar Images on Pinterest

Mark simply loves Pinterest and is always looking for images that inspire him. When he sees a pin he likes and wants more of it, he clicks Picnic and it takes him to similar images.

Shopping Comparison

Nora is a deal-finder. She loves using Picnic for shopping comparison. When she sees a pin she wants to buy she uses Picnic to find out all of the places it is sold and then hunts for the best deal–she has even discovered you can use Picnic on some other shopping sites. If you are looking for where to find clothes on Pinterest this bookmark can help!

Finding a Source Image on Pinterest

For pinners who want to find the original source of an image on Pinterest they can use Picnic to see where else the image lives online.

Color Palettes

Tinley likes to put together boards based on color. She uses Picnic to search by color and find collages and pictures based on her favorite color palette of the moment.

Get Picnic right now and start exploring your pins!



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