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Oh the things you figure out when you have a 3 year old!  Last week he broke off the ends of the AV cables. They were lodged in the TV and were not going to come out easily.

I tried to use tweezers, but couldn’t get a grip on the broken pieces.  Thankfully I found a super easy solution that worked!

3 easy steps for removing broken AV cables


  • Step 1: Heat up a needle with a lighter until it glows red hot. (Be sure to wear gloves and use a pair of needle-nose pliers to grip the end of the needle so you don’t burn yourself)
  • Step 2: Slowly insert the heated needle into the plastic core of the RCA center pin still located in the jack. Wait a few seconds for the needle to cool. (I blew on it to help cool it off, but not sure if it was necessary)
  • Step 3: Slowly remove the needle and broken center pin straight out. 

The trick is to be patient ;)

I was able to remove all 3 broken pieces without damaging the TV!  Yippee!

How to remove broken AV cables




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  • Jennifer Drake

    Oh my thank you so much for this advice!! I borrowed a tv from my friend and of course got one of these cables stuck! This worked like a charm and now j don’t have to buy them a new tv! Thanks:)

    • Jen

      Yippee! So glad it worked for you too! ;)

  • lindsey

    That worked perfect! You are my new favorite person of the day:))))thank you!!!

    • Jen

      Aww, thanks ;)

  • Samantha

    Thank you! This worked flawlessly.

  • Jeanne B

    THANK YOU!!! We just purchased a new TV today and the cable wire broke off as my husband was hooking things up. This worked like a charm and saved us major hassles. :)

  • Kimmie

    OMG so cool… it works!!!

  • Alexis Rodriguez

    Oh gosh! Thank you so much! This saved my life, and my new tv!

    • Jen

      You are welcome!!! ;)

  • mommyof2

    Soooo. I just purchased a brand new television and this happened to me. Only thing is the plastic part didn’t get stuck. Only the metal piece. Any suggestions? Please help!

    • Jen

      You should still be able to use the hot needle trick. Let me know if it works ;)

  • Shany

    You my friend are awesome I was pulling the cables out and this happened I freaked out now it give it a go wish me luck seems easy

  • kilgore trout

    you are a lifesaver-both for me and my brand new tv (and the cats who destroyed the old one)
    thanks so, so much

  • Mr.D

    I had rca cables in my suv’s entertainment console (back seat) and my 2 year old stepped on the cables snapping them off. This trick worked like magic!! Thank you.