How to remove broken AV cables

Oh the things you figure out when you have a 3 year old!  Last week he broke off the ends of the AV cables. They were lodged in the TV and were not going to come out easily.

I tried to use tweezers, but couldn’t get a grip on the broken pieces.  Thankfully I found a super easy solution that worked!

3 easy steps for removing broken AV cables


  • Step 1: Heat up a needle with a lighter until it glows red hot. (Be sure to wear gloves and use a pair of needle-nose pliers to grip the end of the needle so you don’t burn yourself)
  • Step 2: Slowly insert the heated needle into the plastic core of the RCA center pin still located in the jack. Wait a few seconds for the needle to cool. (I blew on it to help cool it off, but not sure if it was necessary)
  • Step 3: Slowly remove the needle and broken center pin straight out. 

The trick is to be patient ;)

I was able to remove all 3 broken pieces without damaging the TV!  Yippee!

How to remove broken AV cables



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12 Responses to How to remove broken AV cables

  1. Oh my thank you so much for this advice!! I borrowed a tv from my friend and of course got one of these cables stuck! This worked like a charm and now j don’t have to buy them a new tv! Thanks:)

  2. THANK YOU!!! We just purchased a new TV today and the cable wire broke off as my husband was hooking things up. This worked like a charm and saved us major hassles. :)

  3. Soooo. I just purchased a brand new television and this happened to me. Only thing is the plastic part didn’t get stuck. Only the metal piece. Any suggestions? Please help!

  4. You my friend are awesome I was pulling the cables out and this happened I freaked out now it give it a go wish me luck seems easy

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