We own a tan microfiber/ microsuede glider. It is great to use to rock little guy to sleep, but it is not so great to keep clean. This thing shows every single spot!

I went on Pinterest to look for way to clean microfiber, but nothing was working for me. The more I tried to clean it, the more water spots seemed to show up.

After trying every trick in the book, I finally found an incredibly easy way to clean my microfiber chair. It works every time!

All you will need is a microfiber cloth, water and ONE DROP of Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds Liquid Cleanser. That’s it.

How to {easily} Clean Microfiber

Before you skip over this, let me just say that this post is in no way sponsored by Dr. Bronner’s. I didn’t get a sample to review or anything free, I just LOVE the product and it works so well I had to share it with all of you ;)

If you don’t have any Sal Suds, I really recommend getting a bottle. Sal Suds may seem pricey, but most of the time I use only one or two drops. It lasts forever and cleans amazingly well.

Steps to {easily} Clean Microfiber

  • Step 1: Fill a spray bottle with water
  • Step 2: Add one to two drops of Sal Suds into the quirt bottle (make sure you add the water first or else everything will bubble over)
  • Step 3: Squirt all over your chair and then scrub with the microfiber towel in a circular motion
  • Step 4: Let dry and admire your clean chair

Be sure to test on an inconspicuous spot first if you are worried about your color fading or anything.

If you try it, let me know if it works for you too :)


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