Hooten… WHAT?!

Hootenanny.  Fun to say, fun to eat?!  I have to confess before last week I had gone 35 years without having any idea that hootenanny referred to food.  I had long held to the idea that hootenanny meant making a loud rumpus with lot’s of hootin’ and hollering!  Now I know it is also a yummy, easy and fun to eat breakfast.

Let’s start with the inspiration, the Pin: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/282460207853454371/

First thing I loved about it was the name.  Then I saw it only calls for 4 ingredients and for a busy mom of three simple and easy are on the top of my list. (Well it has to by yummy by kids standards as well.) Flour, milk, salt and eggs, and a bit of butter if you want. For my family I made a half batch..but if I had company I’d make the full recipe.  She noted that the hootenanny didn’t rise as well because she put the strawberries on top to bake.  Instead I cut up the strawberries, put sugar on them and let them sit while the hootenanny cooked up.

Strawberry Hootenanny

 All puffy and hot out of the oven.

The kids like it sweet so they added strawberries.

 Strawberry Hootenanny

My hubby likes savory for breakfast so he had mozzarella and parmesan cheese grated on top.  I love that you could have a few different toppings for an easy breakfast with guests.  Make some crumbled sausage while it’s baking, cheese and salsa, gravy, or just some fruit. The toppings are endless!  Try some hootenanny and I’m sure you’re tray will end up like mine, empty! Sign of a good meal.

Hootenanny- all gone!

Hootenanny- all gone!




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