Don’t worry folks, we are still at it!

It has been a couple of weeks since our 31 Days of Geocaching last month. We continued the caching streak 4 days into September, but it ended there. Oh well.

Lately, we managed to score another FTF (first to find).  I must admit, I have a small addiction to the FTF. There is just something about cracking open the container, unrolling the log sheet and finding it unsigned!  Ah the exhilaration.

Part of the excitement on this cache was the FTF prize.  Some cache owners (CO’s) will put a prize in the container for the first finder.  In this case, it was money $$!  Not a lot, but hey, an FTF and some cash?  My type of adventure.

GC4MGFW Sunset Spot (Traditional Cache) in California, United States created by BRRam76

Found it Found it

FTF baby, oh yeah 

I saw this post yesterday but I was out of town. I got back from work this morning and this cache was still unclaimed… hooray. Made the short detour on my way home to the GZ. A quick search of the area revealed a cache with a clean log – FTF!

Signed log and claimed my FTF prize – nice to meet you Mr. President.


SPOILER ALERT – Cache location revealed!




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