Last week’s post brought to light the smart phone and how it has changed caching… for the better IMHO.  But why?

One reason is that it almost anyone to start caching for nearly free.  No need to buy an expensive GPSr unit, just break out the old smart phone.  There are two great apps for geocaching:  the app and the c:geo app.  The c:geo app is free but only works on Android phones.  The GC app works on both Apple and Android, but costs $9.99.  Both work great and have lots of features. Signing up and creating an account with is free and with as little at 10 bucks, you can become a caching machine!

Another advantage of the smart phone is when you are in the field hunting down an actual cache: you can look over the hint again, read the logs, or check out user-posted pictures to help point you in the right direction.  I remember on an old school cache hunt with my wife where we actually called several people trying to find someone with internet access to look up the cache info for us.  We called about a dozen people until my mom finally called me back and was able to get in front of a computer and help us out!  One thing to remember – if you lose 3G/4G coverage you will lose the ability to review the cache info UNLESS you store/save the cache!

Stealth is another great advantage of the smart phone.  Everyone has one, so no one really wonders why you are so fixated on this little electronic device.  Of course, when you crawl out of a bush into a crowd of people, smart phone or not, your stealthiness has been busted.  Sometimes, that is part of a specific cache’s challenge: it might be located in a high muggle activity place and so retrieving/signing/returning the cache is the harder than actually finding it!  We have sat for nearly half an hour waiting for a lull in the muggles to make a quick grab, sign the log and replace the cache without any noticing our covert action!

I do love caching with my smart phone: spontaneity, reviewing the cache info, logging the cache from the field, satellite maps with your position over-layed, its a great tool, but I am not ready to give up my Garmin yet :)

And now for my cache of the week!

SPOILER ALERT: Cache location and container revealed.


Found it Found it

Nice short walk from my nearby hotel. At little warm and humid, but I wanted to grab a cache :)

Easy find once in the GZ with the hint.

Photo Longhorns and Jet Blue!


GC3AP5Q - Longhorn Country




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