Now I'm a girl who loves fall, and I like pumpkin, but to be honest I don't need pumpkin added to all my food. I do like to know when it's worth doing a pumpkin recipe though. Here's my latest try, pumpkin waffles


It’s fall and with fall comes pumpkin…pumpkin EVERYTHING!!! Now I’m a girl who loves fall, and I like pumpkin, but to be honest I don’t need pumpkin added to all my food.  I do like to know when it’s worth doing a pumpkin recipe though.  Here’s my latest try, pumpkin waffles, from this pin:

Now to be honest, I didn’t make the apple cider syrup.  I had a new maple syrup I wanted to try, and I really didn’t feel like making two things.  I know, I’m lazy.  These waffles are a little bit of work, they were still easy enough to attempt on a Tuesday morning.

They have a pumpkin flavor without being overly pumpkin.  I do recommend that you use a standing mixer for the egg whites.  The recipe requires you to separate the eggs and to whip the whites to soft peaks.  It make the waffles light and fluffy inside.  Took a little time, but not too hard if you have a standing mixer of any kind.  They were crisp on the outside and soft inside, just how I like my waffles.  These would be perfect for a waffle bar, or if you have company in the mornings.  I turn the oven on to 170 to keep the waffles warm so I can get a few made to let us all eat at the same time.

I think they were great!  My kiddos ate two whole waffles and I made pancakes with the extra batter and they ate one of those too.  You know it’s a success when your kids out eat you!

They aren’t sweet, so if you wanted to add sweetness you could make the apple cider syrup, or cut up apples and cook them down with some brown sugar, butter and cinnamon to pour over the top.  Or you could even make a pecan praline type topping, that would be amazing!! Honestly you could make that part the night before and just reheat it.  If you just want them with a touch of sweetness spread some butter and add a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar.  They were great with the maple syrup too!! Enough options, now you know these are yummy and have just enough pumpkin to make you feel like fall has come no matter what it feels like outside.



Not the best picture but you get the idea…yummy pumpkin waffles no matter what the topping!


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