We just logged our first 5/5 cache! Yes, that is a difficulty level 5 and terrain level 5 cache.

In our last post we covered some of the reasons to get out and go caching and today we wore the completist hat in grabbing “Bouldering – Urban Climbing” GC4NH5F.

Here is our Found It log:

Found it Found it

I had my eye on this one for a while and today was the day! I got triple points for this one today because it a smiley (and we all want those) plus it filled a box on my “Finds for Each Day of the Year” grid and the 5/5 box on my Difficulty/Terrain grid!

The Santa Ana’s were blowing so it was time to get out of east county. Headed to La Jolla and scored rock star parking 100 feet from the GZ where I got to practice my parallel parking skills. The day was perrrrrfect! Sunny and 70 degrees with the GZ still in the shade. What else could I ask for? Well, I had thought of emailing the CO before heading out on the adventure for an extra hint that I would tuck away without reading until frustration got the better of me. I decided the temptation might be too great to peek a little early, so I held off.

Made the short walk to the GZ with my spotters – the wifey, 4 year old and 10 month old. Of course, wifey was holding the 10 month old and I am pretty sure the 4 year would be about just as helpful. Using my smart phone, we walked down the wall and the phone actually settled at 1 foot! Yeah right! I had my dedicated Garmin GPSr standing by, but why not start here?

With a false confidence of safety from my 4 year old spotter, daddy hit the wall. I shimmied up quickly to a height that I felt was terrain 5 appropriate and starting looking.

HA! Don’t you know…. the first stinking spot I checked contained a cache! Dumb luck or extreme geo-sense? We may never know. The cache was found in under 5 minutes. Wifey laughed and the 4 year old cheered. Hmmm, now how do you sign a cache when hanging onto a wall with two hands? I will let you figure out that mystery when you put pen to paper on this great cache!

I replaced the cache exactly as found – have fun!

CO loookin4u – thanks for getting us a fun day at the beach and a great cache all at the same time :) Favorite point awarded!

Any reason to go caching is a good, so whether we are grabbing classic caches, grid caches or just plain ole caches for numbers, there will always be a fun adventure ahead.


SPOILER ALERT:  Cache container and location revealed…


Bouldering 5:5 GC4NH5F



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