DIY Wool Dryer Balls 0

I have been wanting some wool dryer balls for our laundry and found this pin on Pinterest showing how to make your own. Wool dryer balls are supposed to be great for saving you money and energy by cutting the dryer’s drying time. I was so excited to make my own and save even more money.

DIY Wool Dryer Balls

I had an adorable baby sweater that someone must have spent hours and hours knitting, but I had accidentally washed and shrunk it and it no longer fit by little guy :( So instead of throwing it out, I decided to be super frugal and take a the sweater apart and use the yarn from it.

Wool Sweater Deconstructed

Wool Sweater Deconstructed

After hours of pulling the poor sweater to pieces, I finally had enough yarn to make two dryer balls. I followed the instructions and wound the yarn into balls, wrapped then in pantyhose and washed and dried them. After the first felting, they kind of looked like the picture, but not as tight so I decided to boil them and then wash and dry them again. They came out pretty much the same as they went in. I figured that they would continue to felt and tighten up on their own with use.

Well, they made it through a few loads of laundry before this happened…

Dryer Ball Pin-tastrophe

So much for my DIY Wool Dryer Balls :(


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  • Gwizzie

    OH NO!! After all that work…it doesn’t look like it felted at all. :( Maybe it was because it was already shrunk?!

  • Rachel

    I used 100% wool yarn from the craft store (bought it with the 40% off coupon) and was able to make 4 good size dryer balls and they turned out great I have been using them for 6 months now with no problems.

  • Jen

    I am sure I just used the wrong type of wool or something. Who know? LOL!

  • Gwizzie

    I really didn’t even think of it but I guess it was already felted when it was first shrunk…so it couldn’t bond correctly. I guess that’s what we get for trying to reduce, reuse and recycle!! ;)

  • Erika

    If the sweater wasn’t 100% wool, that could be the problem. Also, depending on how the wool was spun and plied can make a difference. Even though it had shrunk, it should still be feltable. A good way to salvage the yarn/effort would be to pick up a cheap skein of 100% wool yarn and wrap that around the balls you already made (or remake) and then put those through the same test until the outside is completely felted.

    • Jen

      Erika, You might just be right. I’ll be on the lookout for some 100% wool yarn and see how that goes ;)

  • Heather Swarthout

    Oh my goodness. I love to see Pinterest Fails, but definitely not when it’s supposed to help you save money in the long run and it goes horribly wrong!

  • CJ

    I’ve made dryer balls using Fisherman’s wool perfect for felting and mine came out perfect! You can’t just use 100% wool or it won’t work, has to be Fisherman’s. You may just give another try, I’m sure you’ll be happy, cause I sure am. My clothes feel soft and smell awesome. Over time the ball will continue felting as you use them, so I would recommend adding more wool (Fisherman’s) and felt again. Best wishes!

  • Kristy Hughes

    I used 100% wool from the store and the felt up nicely. I did the same method you did. I love my hand made balls, especially cause the wool was all different colors so they are really pretty.

    • Jen

      I must just need to try different wool. Everyone else seems to have had better results ;)

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